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1An information society for the future – towards an ethical framework 
2Certificate in Anti Human Trafficking (CAHT)
3Certificate in International Humanitarian Law (CIHL)
4Certificate in Legal Awareness for Women (CLAW)
5Certified Course in Human Rights
6Childhood Socialization  
7Civil Liberties
8Community Service or HS Methods I
9Conflict Transformation and Social Justice3
10Contemporary Theory
11Criminal Evidence
12Criminal Justice
13Criminal Law & Behavior
14Criminal Law & Criminal Responsibility
15Criminal Law & Responsibility
16Criminological Theory & Behavior
17Criminological Theory and Behavior
18Cyber Laws & Intellectual Property Rights
19Death and Dying
20Developmental Psychology
21Deviant Behavior
22Dispute Resolution
23Domestic Violence
24Drug Regulatory and Intellectual Property (PRDR)
25Due Process & Criminal Procedure
26Due Process and Criminal Procedure
27Forensic Psychology
28Human Behavior and the Social Environment
29Human Behavior and the Social Environment
30Human Rights and Values in Education
31Human Rights Jurisprudence
32Human Rights Law (PGDHRL)
33Human Rights, Humanitarian Law and Refugee Law
34Human Services for the Aged
35Intellectual Property Rights and Patent Management
36Intellectual Property Rights Law (PGDIPRL)
37Intenational Law, Contituional Law And Human Rights
38International Trade Law 
39Introduction to Criminology
40Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
41Introduction to Physical Anthropology
42Introduction to Physical Anthropology and Archeology
43Introduction to Sociology
44Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
45Judicial Process
46Juvenile Delinquency & Offenses
47Juvenile Delinquency * Offenses
48Labour Laws and Labour Welfare
49Legislative Law in Human Rights
50Legislative Law in Intellectual  Property Rights
51Manifesto for an Equitable, Just and Democratic Internet 
52Medical Sociology
53Minor in Sociology
54Police Community Relations
55Post Graduate Certificate in Intellectual Property Law and Practice (PGCIPL)
56Post Graduate Diploma in Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law
57Racial and Cultural Minorities
58Racial and Cultural Minorities
59Readings and Research in Anthropology
60Rehabilitation and Criminal Justice Systems
61Right to Information
62Senior Thesis
63Social Gerontology
64Social Justice and the Network Society 
65Social Justice in an Internet-mediated World
66Social Movement and Change
67Social Problems
68Social Problems
69Social Welfare Policy and Institutions
70Survey of Corrections
71Survey of Corrections
72Theory and Practice in Community Leadership and Social Development