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“We will either find a way or make one.”

– Hannibal

Do you think government project management is similar to any corporate project, or maybe you think it’s the same? But when you initially think of managing a project, you have a set of standards to follow, but the overall concepts, protocols, and terms of the project are different from the corporate sector.

And you need to finish your project within the approved schedule, scope, and budget. It’s beneficial if you have a basic understanding of project management and working knowledge of government contracts.

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In this blog, we will define some of the concepts of PMP. It all starts with Project Charter describes the whole project, your approach, methods, and all stakeholders involved. It is important because it officially designates you as the coordinator and will get this charter signed by the authority. You will have all the details of the project stage. It is a checklist to help you initiate the work. The goal of the primary phase is to understand the key stakeholders’ ideas of the project and satisfy them with your plan.

You can also finalize your team and make sure everyone aligns with the project mission. So when you settle the project charter, you can officially start your project. In the next stage, you need to understand the scope. It defines the project constraints such as schedule, budget, and resources. Thorough documentation is essential as it allows you to track all the changes throughout the project.

The structured project management process helps your organization avoid the pitfalls of managing project issues such as over budget, deadlines, exceeded costs, and more resources requirement. The process can minimize and assist in dealing with problems beforehand. This approach executes projects more effectively and efficiently with a certain optimum level of skills and knowledge.

Project Management

One of the most important things to note is your project schedule, especially when managing government projects. You must always adhere to your project period and manage your schedule at different phases of your project. Also, you should give an early warning of unexpected errors and make sure you do not go over the fixed budget even though unexpected events may happen. You can keep a budget forecast that can make it easier to manage your budget and forecast problems and overruns. Adherence to the structured system will help you avoid unnecessary internal project changes.

If you learn these general project management regulations and pitfalls, you have the chance of project success. How to master project planning? How to avoid Government project pitfalls?

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