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1Ability To Research, Analyse And Solve Problems
2Addressing Workplace Behavior Issues  
3Administrative Human Resource Management Course
4Advanced Human Resource Management Workshop
5Age Management In Organisation
6Aligning Employee Performance with Organizational Goals Course
7Aligning HR Strategy with Organizational Strategy
8Analyzing Human Performance
9Applied Predictive Analytics in HR 
10Applying a Problem-Solving Approach to Conflict 
11Art Of Staffing And Placement
12Assessing the Financial, Strategic, and People-Related Return on Pay for Performance 
13Attracting and Retaining Talent with Performance Pay 
14Calculating Benefits & Retirement Process
15Certified Business Psychology
16Certified Employee Compensation Professional
17Certified HR Analytics Champion
18Certified Human Capital Expert
19Certified Human Resouce & Labour Relations Professional
20Certified Human Resource Administrator 
21Certified Human Resource Development Professional
22Certified Human Resource Management Capstone
23Certified Human Resource Professional in Hospitality & Tourism Industry
24Certified Human Rights & Development Professional
25Certified professional : HR & Leadership Management
26Certified professional : HR & Payroll Management
27Certified professional : Information and Knowledge Management
28Certified professional : Managing Social & Human Capital
29Certified professional : Workforce Management & Development
30Certified Recruitment and Selection Methods Expert
31Certified Strategic Human Resource Management
32Consulting Skills for Internal HR Professional
33Consulting Skills for Internal HR 
34Contemporary Employment Relations
35Countering Bias in the Workplace for HR Professional
36Creating and Sustaining Remote Work Programs
37Creating and Sustaining Remote Work Programs 
38Designing and Implementing Effective Social Media Policy
39Document Controlling
40Driving Engagement for HR Professional
41Employee And Organizational Development
42Employee Assistant And Social Support
43Employee Training and Development Professional
44Employment Law and Policy Issues 
45Employment Laws Around the Globe
46Empowering Women In HR
47Engineering In Human Resources
48Equal Employment Opportunity and Employee Treatment Issues 
49Facilitating Staffing Decisions Professional
50Finding and Managing Talent Through Social Media
51Finding and Managing Talent Through Social Media 
52Fostering a Coaching Culture Professional
53Frontline Leader Impact
54Global Human Resource Management
55HR And International Labour Law
56HR And Payroll Management Course
57HR Budget Analysis And Execution
58HR Data Collection And Analysis
59HR for Non-HR Professionals
60HR Leadership with Business Partnering
61HR Policies in International Contexts 
62Human Capital Management
63Human Resource – Cost Benefit Analysis 
64Human Resource – Quantitative And Qualitative Analysis 
65Human Resource Best Practices
66Human Resource Management – Manager
67Human Resource Management – Professional
68Human Resource Management for Leadership
69Human Resource Management for Managers
70Human Resource Management with Organisational Psychology 
71International Human Resource Management
72Interpersonal Communication Skills 
73Leadership And People Management Training Course
74Leadership at the Peak
75Leadership Development Program  
76Leadership Fundamentals
77Leading Across Cultures 
78Leading Challenging Conversations 
79Leading for Organizational Impact
80Managing Difficult People
81Managing Employee Performance
82Managing Organizational Behaviour
83Mastering The Interview
84Maximizing Your Leadership Potential
85Motivational Methods And Techniques
86Navigating Labor Relations Professional
87Office Management
88Performance Leadership
89Programme In Skills And Development
90Project Management For Team Members
91Retention Of Talent Management
92Seminar In Recruitment, Selection, Recruitment And Induction Processes (Talent Optimization)
93Seminar On Human Capital Management
94Strategic Engagement 
95Strategic HR Leadership 
96Strategic Human Resource Management
97Strategic Talent Analytics 
98The Fundamentals Of Designing And Staffing Organizations
99Total Rewards Compensation Professional
100Valuing HR Initiatives
101Wise Leadership