FOOD and drug administration COURSES

1Advanced beverage technology
2Advanced engineering statistics
3Advanced food chemistry
4Advanced food packaging
5Advanced food process equipment design
6Advances in Food Processing Technology
7Agrochemicals & residues in foods
8Applied food biotechnology
9Applied mechanics and strengths of materials
10Bakery and confectionery products
11Bakery and confectionary technology
12Beverage processing
13Biochemistry of processing and preservation
14Bio-process technology
15Business management & international trade
16Cane sugar technology
17Carbohydrate chemistry & technology
18Cold chain management
19Computer applications in the food industry
20Concentrated and dehydrated milk products
21Confectionary technology
22Crop processing technology
23Dairy plant engineering
24Dairy technology
25Enzyme technology
26Enzymes in food processing
27Fat and oil processing technology
28Fermentation technology
29Fermented milk products
30Fish processing technology
31Flavour chemistry & technology
32Food additives
33Food analysis
34Food and vegetable processing
35Food Biochemistry
36Food biotechnology
37Food chemistry
38Food fermentation technology
39Food hygiene and sanitation
40Food industry waste management
41Food laws and quality assurance
42Food microbiology
43Food packaging technology
44Food physics
45Food plant design
46Food plant layout and design
47Food plant safety and hazard analysis
48Food process management and control
49Food processing
50Food Processing Effluent Treatment Technology
51Food production technology
52Food quality control
53Food standards and quality assurance
54Food toxicology
55Fundamentals of food processing
56Fundamentals of milk processing
57Grain storage technology
58Handling and storage of food products
59International food legislations and standards
60Introduction to business laws and ethics
61Juice processing technology
62Lipid chemistry & technology
63Management of food processing industries
64Meat and marine technology
65Meat and poultry processing technology
66Modern baking and confectionary technology
67Normal therapeutic nutrition
68Nutrition and health
69Optimisation techniques in food technology
70Packaging of fresh and processed foods
71Packaging technology
72Post-harvest physiology of fruits and vegetables
73Post-harvest technology
74Principles of food engineering
75Principles of fruits and vegetable technology
76Processed fruits and vegetable products
77Protein chemistry & technology
78Pulses and oilseeds technology
79Refrigeration and air conditioning
80Renewable energy for food processing
81Rheology and texture analysis
82Separation techniques in food processing
83Snack foods technology
84Technology of beverages
85Technology of cereals
86The technology of dairy and seafood
87The technology of Fabricated and Textured Foods
88The technology of fruits and technology
89The technology of meat, fish and poultry
90The technology of pulses and oilseeds
91The technology of spices and plantation products
92Transport phenomenon in food processing
93Unit operations in food processing
94Waste recycling & resources recovery systems