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1Certified Cyber Law Professional
2Cyber Security Law
3Cyber Law Specialisation
4Computer Science and Engineering in Cyber Laws
5Cyber Law and Information Technology
6Cyber Investigations and Laws
7Information Security and Cyber Law
8Certification in Cyber Law Practice
9Internet Law and Policy
10International Cyber Conflicts
11Expert Cybercrime Investigator’s Course
12Arm Yourself Against Cybercrime
13Cybersecurity and Criminal Law: What you need to know
14Insights into cybercrime and electronic evidence
15Certified Expert Cyber Law 
16Law of Data Security and Investigations
17Advanced Program in Cyber Laws
18Program in Cyber Security, Forensics & Law (Global)
19Program in IT Act Audit & Compliance
20Program in Cyber Security, Audit & Compliance
21Cyber Law for Police Officers
22Cyber Crime Protection Program (c2p2)
23SCTS Cyber Crime Investigator
24Advanced Program in Cyber Laws
25Program in IT Act Audit & Compliance
26Investigation and Management of Cyber and Electronic Crime