1 Advanced Earthquake Mitigation Design
2 Advanced Natural Hazards
3 Advanced Office Hazards
4 Advanced Operations Course
5 Advanced rescue skills
6 Aims and Scope of the disaster Management
7 Airport Emergency Planning
8 Certified Crisis and Disaster Management  Professional
9 Certified Disaster Management and Resilience Professional
10 Certified Disaster Management and Sustainable Development  Professional
11 Certified Disaster Risk Management Professional 
12 Certified Earthquake Engineering with Disaster Management  Professional
13 Certified Emergency Management and Resilience  Professional
14 Certified Emergency Planning and Management  Professional
15 Certified Environmental Pollution and Remediation Professional
16 Certified Evacuation Management Professional
17 Certified Multi Professional Care in Disaster Management Professional
18 Certified Nature, Society and Environmental Governance   Professional
19 Certified Process Hazard & Risk Professional 
20 Certified Shelter & Settlement in Disaster expert
21 Certified  Applied Public Health Professional
22 Certified  Conflict, Displacement and Human Security Professional
23 Certified  Crowded Places and Public Safety Management Professional
24 Certified  Disaster Healthcare Professional
25 Certified  Disasters, Adaptation and Development Professional
26 Certified  Emergency Planning Resilience and Response Professional
27 Certified  Global Crisis, Conflict and Disaster Management Professional
28 Certified  Intelligence, Security and Disaster Management Professional
29 Certified  International Relations & Refugee studies Professional
30 Certified  Shelter After Disaster Professional
31 Certified   Disaster Management (Resilience, Response and Relief) Professional
33 Disaster Response Training
34 Disaster Risk Management for Teachers
35 Disasters and Development-Hazard, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment
36 Environmental Pollution and Remediation