1Advanced Credit Risk Management Professional
2Advanced Level Credit Management Professional
3Certified Professional Credit Management 
4Certified Manager Credit Management
5Certified Expert in Credit Management
6Certified Expert in Credit Risk Management
7Certified CREDIT & LENDING Professional
8Certified Credit Risk Management Professional 
9Certified Manager in Credit Risk Management
10Certified Professional in Credit Risk Management
11Certified Professional in the evolving landscape of risk management
12Certified Profitability and Credit Risk Professional
13Corporate Risk & Credit Analysis
14Credit Consultation Services Professional
15Credit Risk Management 
16Credit Scoring and lending Professional
17Debt Collection
18Delivering Small Business Solutions 
19Disciplined Trading, Less Risk, More Reward – Technical Analysis with Behavioural Finance
21Effective Credit Control and Debt Recovery
22Effective Credit Management in Difficult Times
23Effective Credit Management Workshop
24Effective Debt Recovery Strategies
25Financial Analysis and Credit Scoring
26Financial Services Industry: Business Drivers and Challenges  
27Fundamentals of Credit Management
28Global Credit Law Professional
29IFRS9 for Loan Impairment Workshop
30Insurance Company Analysis
31Introduction To Credit Control
32Kings Agribusiness Lending Professional
33Kings Analyzing Commercial Real Estate
34Kings Commercial Lending
35Kings Managing Client Relationships
36Legal Action and Insolvency – Debt Recovery
37Legal and Security Considerations in Support of Lending Transactions
38Loan Management and Risk Monitoring Professional
39Managing Commercial Credit Risk
40Managing Credit with Information Technology
41Maximizing Sales and Profit
42Non-Bank Financial Institutions
43Outsourced Credit Control
44Personal Lending and Mortgages 
45Powerful Cash Collection Techniques
46Private & Commercial Debt Collection Services
47Senior Lender’s Programme
48Small Business Banking Certificate Examination 
49Small Business Lending 
50Specialist Credit Auditor
51Specialist in Credit Risk Management – Corporate Banking
52Specialist Treasury Auditor
53Speedy Debt Recovery & Effective Credit Management
54Speedy Debt Recovery and Effective Credit Management
55Understanding Asset and Liability Management
56Understanding The Anatomy of Financial Crisis Events and Its Applications To Risk Management
57Understanding the Small Business Environment