1 Certificate in Leveraging powerful tools for ALM
2 Certified professional in Integrating ALM into business management
3 Certified Professional:   Auditing Outsourced Contracting (CONA)
4 Certified Professional:   Auditing Projects, Project Management and Project Risk (APMR)
5 Certified Professional:   Conducting an Audit from Cradle to Grave (CACTG)
6 Certified Professional:   Effective Report Writing (ERW)
7 Certified Professional:   Essential Elements for Internal Audit Process (EEIP)
8 Certified Professional:   Financial Auditing for Internal Auditors – PRIVATE SECTOR (FAIAPRI)
9 Certified Professional:   Financial auditing for internal auditors – Public Sector (FAIAPUB)
10 Certified Professional:   Fundamentals of Auditing the Supply Chain Management (procurement) function (ASCM)
11 Certified Professional:   How to Effectively Review your Organisation?s Risk Management Process (ORMP)
12 Certified Professional:   Internal Audits Role in Integrated Reporting (IAIR)
13 Certified Professional:   Leadership Skills for Internal Auditors (LSS)
14 Certified Professional:   Meeting Management Workshop (MMW)
15 Certified Professional:   mSCOA an introductory course (mSCOA)
16 Certified Professional:   Performance Auditing for the Public Sector (PAUD)
17 Certified Professional:   Refresher Training for Experienced Internal Auditors (REIA)
18 Certified Professional:   Risk management tools and techniques for the contemporary internal auditor (RMTT)
19 Certified Professional:   Risk-based Auditing (RBA)
20 Certified Professional:   Root Cause Identification (RCI)
21 Certified Professional:   Skills for Balance in and between Work and Personal Life (WLB)
22 Certified Professional:   Skills for Supervising an Internal Audit Project (SIAP)
23 Certified Professional:   Time Management in the Audit Environment (TMAE)
24 Certified Professional:  A Practical Workshop in Corporate Governance and Risk Management (PWCG)
25 Certified Professional:  Advanced Excel for Internal Auditors (ADVEX)
26 Certified Professional:  Advanced Performance Auditing (APAUD)
27 Certified Professional:  Audit Committee Training (IAUCOM)
28 Certified Professional:  Audit Information Technology General Controls For Non-It Auditors? (ITGC)
29 Certified Professional:  Auditing Governance, Strategy, Ethics and Risk Management (GSER)
30 Certified Professional:  Auditing Information Systems Governance and Application Controls (ISAUDIT)
31 Certified Professional:  Auditing IT Governance using CGICTPF for Public Sector in line with the DPSA (Public Sector) (ITGPF)
32 Certified Professional:  Auditing Project Governance and System Development Life Cycle (Advanced Level) (APGSDLC)
33 Certified Professional:  Auditing the management & reporting of Performance Information in the Public Sector (APIA)
34 Certified Professional:  Corporate Governance: Strategies for Internal Audit (CGSA)
35 Certified Professional:  COSO 2017 Integrated Risk Management Course for IA (NIRM)
36 Certified Professional:  Data Analytics for Internal Auditors: Basics / Awareness Level (DAIA)
37 Certified Professional:  Data Mining for Auditors – A Logical Approach to continuous Auditing & Governance (DMIA)
38 Certified Professional:  Develop Audit Plans (HDAP)
39 Certified Professional:  Effective Stakeholder Reporting (EFST)
40 Certified Professional:  Emerging technology: bitcoin, block chain, crypto-currencies, IOT, AI, VR, everything-on-demand, big data, cloud (EMTEC)
41 Certified Professional:  Environmental Auditing for Non-Environmental Auditors (ENEA)
42 Certified Professional:  Excel for Beginners: Tools for Internal Auditors (EXCEL)
43 Certified Professional:  Fundamentals of IT Project Management (FITPM)
44 Certified Professional:  Implementing a Governance Audit Programme According to King IV (KIAP)
45 Certified Professional:  Information Governance and Management (INFGM)
46 Certified Professional:  Internal Auditors Guide to Strategic Thinking (IAST) 
47 Certified Professional:  IT Auditing for Non-I.T. Auditors (Basics of I.T. Auditing)(NONIT)
48 Certified Professional:  IT Governance and Management Framework and Controls (ITGIA)
49 Certified Professional:  King IV and corporate governance: what?s new relating to fraud and ethics (KGFE)
50 Certified Professional:  Sampling for Internal Auditors (SAMP)
51 Certified Professional:  Understanding the elements of King IV (KUEK)
52 Certified Professional: A New Service Model: Auditor Roles in Government Performance Measurement (ARGPM)
53 Certified Professional: Advanced Data analytics tools and optimization (ADAT)
54 Certified Professional: Art of Persuasion (PERS)
55 Certified Professional: Audit Performance Information for Public Sector Internal Auditors (AOPI)
56 Certified Professional: Auditing Cyber Security and Information Security using NIST and ISO 27002: Basics / Awareness Level (ACSIS)
57 Certified Professional: Building Effective Audit Committees (AUDCOM) 
58 Certified Professional: Deal with difficult internal audit clients & client conflicts (HDCC (CMM))
59 Certified Professional: English Business Writing for the Internal Auditor (EBWIA)
60 Certified Professional: Review Financial Statements – for Internal Auditors (HRFS)